It’s terrific to hear you’re joining us at PowerUp. With just 10 weeks to go, here are 10 reasons to get excited:

  1. Our MCs are Julian Morrow, Charles Firth, and Ben Jenkins from the The Chaser.
  2. You’ll hear from Sally McManus (ACTU Secretary), Becky Bond (Bernie Sanders Election Advisor) and more.
  3. You’ll learn how to take down the Adani coal mine and other injustices through local community organising.
  4. Fellow GetUp members are in training to be your workshop facilitators.
  5. There are plenty of breaks, a giant chess board and good coffee.
  6. You’ll learn alongside other members from your electorate and make a plan to start or join a local Action Group.
  7. PowerUp is a non-conference: engaging, interactive spaces guaranteed!
  8. GetUp members are travelling from as far as Hobart, Fremantle and Mackay.
  9. We’ll wind down together with drinks and nibbles at the Saturday Night Social.
  10. A huge announcement is coming!

Why not invite your friends, family and colleagues to join us!
Send them straight to the ticket page:, or have them express their interest here.

If there wasn’t enough reason to be fired up, there’s the PowerUp Spare Rooms Directory. It’s a simple tool developed by GetUp so that PowerUp attendees in Sydney can list their spare rooms for interstate attendees. It’s brilliant to be part of a community where people literally open up their homes. You can list or enquire about a spare Sydney room here.

If you’re travelling interstate and haven’t booked your flights or accommodation yet, it’s recommended to do so soon to avoid rising costs. There’s a lot of useful information about where and how to book under the Travel and Accommodation section of the PowerUp FAQ page.