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Why should I come to PowerUp?

For too long, self-serving corporations and right-wing power brokers have captured our democracy, making inequality worse and ravaging our environment. We need to build a new form of power that breaks this hold.

Securing a safe world for future generations is going to come down to us — and we’re going to have to step up now. At PowerUp, you will converge with a thousand passionate GetUp members for a weekend of shared values, practical skills workshops and strategy sessions. Then together we’ll launch a new national network of Action Groups that can take back power for everyday people.

If you want to get the skills, tools and connections to make a difference and you’re ready to take action, then we need you at PowerUp. Buy your ticket now.

What can I expect at PowerUp?

The PowerUp program has been built to maximise your opportunity to interact, connect and learn in engaging spaces. You can expect to spend about 80% of your time in small practical skills workshops, and 20% in all-in plenary spaces led by inspiring keynote speakers. There’s also plenty of breaks to stretch your legs, grab a coffee and get to know your fellow attendees outside of the formal program. Stay tuned for the full program in August.

What will I learn at PowerUp?

Your PowerUp experience will focus on practical skills building, campaign strategy and community organising fundamentals.

During the workshops and seminars, you’ll learn about taking on leadership roles in your community, how to build and sustain effective groups, and other critical organising skills. At all-in plenaries, you’ll learn about GetUp’s strategy to scale up people-power in Australia, and how you can play a key role in it. Click here to check out the full programme.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll build meaningful connections with other attendees from your home electorate that could form the basis for a local Action Group.

Do I need any skills or experience to attend?

You don’t need any skills or experience to attend PowerUp. Whether you’ve been involved in a community group or activism for years, or you’re just getting involved for the first time, PowerUp is a unique opportunity you won’t have had before.

Who will be speaking at PowerUp?

Some of the most impactful community organisers are lining up to speak at PowerUp. These Australian and international change-makers will bring you exclusive insights into the state of the nation and the world, and share their strategies for building the people-power to win.  Click here to check out the full list of PowerUp speakers and the incredible experience they'll draw on.

Here's a sneak peak at a few of them:
Annie Kia - Lock The Gate Alliance
Becky Bond - Senior Advisor on the Bernie Sanders election campaign
Sally McManus - ACTU Secretary
Luke Hilakari - VIC Trades Hall
Ursula Alquier - Gasfield Free Victoria
Liuanga Palu - Pacific Community Organiser
Paul Oosting - National Director, GetUp!

I’m passionate about attending PowerUp but can’t afford it. Does PowerUp offer any financial assistance?

As a Sydney-based conference, we recognise that the cost of a ticket, accommodation and travel can be especially prohibitive for interstate folk. We also acknowledge that the rising cost of living has put a strain on many households.

PowerUp has put aside a limited scholarship fund. If you're passionate about attending PowerUp but need some help, please fill out this confidential application form.

I’d like to chip in towards the PowerUp Scholarship Fund. Can I do this?

If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet then you can opt for a philanthropy ticket, which will give you one ticket to PowerUp plus provide a generous donation to the fund. Alternatively, you can click here to donate. Every dollar will go towards another attendee’s ticket, travel, accommodation and food. Thank you for your generosity.

I’m excited about PowerUp, but it’s a big commitment. Where can I get more information?

We understand it’s a really big ask for members to attend a weekend-long training conference in Sydney. For a lot of you, it’s a big distance to travel, a decent cost and two days away from home. We’re really excited about PowerUp and want to encourage and support GetUp members to join us. If there is anything you are unsure of, or want to discuss further please contact the PowerUp team at [email protected] and we’d be happy to help.


What does my ticket include?

Your ticket covers you for the entire two-day conference, coffee and tea during break times, and an invite to the Saturday evening PowerUp Social.

What doesn’t my ticket include?

PowerUp aims to keep ticket prices as low as possible by not including lunch in the ticket price. Instead a variety of food vendors will be open on-site. Accommodation and travel is also not included in the ticket price.

Why are there limited tickets available in each electorate?

PowerUp has capped the number of tickets available for each electorate to ensure there’s an even spread of attendees. This will allow PowerUp to organise ticket-holders into evenly-sized workshop groups based upon their federal electorate. If you want to buy a ticket but they’ve sold out in your electorate, click here to go on the waiting list.

My electorate isn’t listed when trying to buy a ticket, can I still come?

PowerUp is a limited ticket training event, and GetUp has designed the programme with about forty key electorates in mind. If your electorate isn’t listed in the drop-down menu when you go to purchase a ticket, you can opt to purchase an ‘Other’ ticket, or email [email protected] for more information.

Please keep in mind that the vast majority of attendees will come from the electorates listed and you may be slotted into another electorate’s workshop group.

I need another ticket, but it says it’s sold out?

If you want to buy a ticket but they’ve sold out in your electorate, click here to go on the waiting list. It’s expected that there will be a few cancellations in each electorate so don’t lose hope!

My ticket isn’t in my inbox, can I have it resent?

Your ticket is automatically sent to the email address you provide when you purchase your ticket. If you can’t see it in your inbox, please check your junk or spam folder. If it’s not there, please email [email protected] to have the ticket resent.

Can I change the details of my ticket?

Yes! If you need to change the details of your ticket please email [email protected] so we can confirm the new details.

Can I give my ticket to someone else?

No problem, email [email protected] to update the name and details attached to that ticket so we can ensure the new ticket holder will have an accurate timetable.

I’m no longer able to go, can I get a refund?

Sure thing. Just email [email protected] to organise for the cost of your ticket to be refunded.

Can I purchase a ticket in-person at the event?

Unfortunately it is not possible to purchase a ticket on the day. That’s because a lot of planning goes into assigning PowerUp attendees into workshop groups and creating personalised timetables before the event. PowerUp is expected to be a sell-out event so if you’re keen, buy your ticket now!


Where is PowerUp located?

PowerUp starts and ends each day at Sir John Clancy Auditorium at the University of New South Wales in Kensington, Sydney.

Will there be much walking required during PowerUp?

Over the course of the weekend, workshops and seminars will be held in various break-out spaces on campus. We are working with UNSW staff to ensure that workshop and seminar spaces are as close as possible to Sir John Clancy Auditorium. We aim to keep walking to a minimum!

PowerUp will provide you with comprehensive maps in your programme to help with getting around. There will also be ample signage as well as volunteer staff to offer directional assistance throughout the conference.

I have mobility issues. Is the event accessible?

PowerUp is a fully accessible event. For a comprehensive accessibility map of the UNSW Kensington campus click here. If you would like to know more or would like to register the status of your mobility with us, please get in touch with [email protected]

Travel & Accommodation

I’m travelling interstate. When should I book my flight and accommodation?

It’s a good idea to search online for the cheapest flight. There are many sites that compare the price of flights across all airlines, two of which are:

Accommodation rates will rise the closer we get to September. So, if you’re tossing up whether you can attend, or waiting to find out if you can find free accommodation, one idea is to book a reasonably priced room now that has a flexible, risk-free cancellation policy. It's possible to find rooms you can cancel within a few days of the booked date on sites such as:, Airbnb and Wotif.

Where should I book accommodation?

If you’re only in town for PowerUp then it might suit you to book accommodation as close to UNSW as possible. Central Sydney is only a 5 km bus ride from UNSW and offers a wide range of affordable accommodation options. Alternatively, Coogee Beach is just 3km down the road and has a range of accommodation to choose from.

We’ve listed a variety of options below, however if you would like more specific information or would like to chat directly with a PowerUp officer email [email protected].

Here are a few online accommodation search engines you could try:

Here are a few specific accommodation options nearby UNSW:


Do you have a spare room in Sydney you’d be happy to offer an interstate PowerUp attendee?

It's incredibly expensive for interstate members to attend. There's flights, accommodation, and all the other costs involved in being away from home. Understandably, many people would like to attend but are struggling with the finances.

To help make PowerUp more affordable, GetUp has developed a simple Spare Rooms Directory.

This directory allows Sydney GetUp members to list their spare room online and interstate attendees can request to stay. You make arrangements that work for you, and then host them on the 23-24 September weekend. It's as simple as that!

Do you have a spare room in Sydney you could list on the PowerUp Directory? Register it here.

The more Sydneysiders who can offer a spare room, the more interstate members who can afford to travel to PowerUp. Many interstate members are hinging their decision to attend on a spare room offer, so if you do have a spare room to offer please list it as soon as you're able.

Registering your room is easy, all you have to do is:

  1. Register your room here in less than 2 minutes
  2. Wait for a prospective guest to contact you
  3. Approve their stay!


Are you travelling interstate and looking for a free room in Sydney to keep down costs? PowerUp has built a simple site that will connect folks looking for a spare room with Sydney GetUp members offering spare rooms.

View our spare rooms directory here and get in touch with some generous hosts!

We hope you find a spare room, but unfortunately there are no guarantees. Please make a contingency plan as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Accommodation rates will rise the closer we get to September, so one idea is to book a reasonably priced room now that has a flexible, risk-free cancellation policy. It's possible to find rooms you can cancel within a few days of the booked date on sites such as:, Airbnb and Wotif.

Getting to & from Powerup

I plan to drive. Is parking available?

There is complimentary and unlimited weekend parking on campus just a short walk from Sir John Clancy Auditorium. Botany Street Parking Station can be accessed near Gate 11 on Botany Street, and Morven Brown Carpark can be accessed from High Street near Gate 8. Click here for a comprehensive map marking UNSW Gate entrances.

I plan to use public transport. Where is the best place to arrive at UNSW?

There is construction work for ALTRAC Light Rail along High Street,  established between Wansey Road and Avoca Street. Gate 8 or Botany Street near High Street are the two most convenient places to alight if you're travelling via public transport. 
Click here for a comprehensive map marking UNSW Gate entrances.

What’s the best way to plan my public transport journey to PowerUp?

The easiest way to plan your trip is to click here to use Transport NSW Trip Planner.  Many bus routes service UNSW — the most convenient bus stop to alight at is UNSW Gate 8 or Botany Street near High Street. Please note there are heavy roadworks on High Street and Gate 9 bus stop is closed.

The most convenient bus stops to add to your destination address are:
- High Street near UNSW Gate 8 (Westbound services only
- Botany Street near High Street
- Barker Street near UNSW Gate 14
- Arthur Street near Clara Street
- Avoca Street after Belmore Road

Buses from Central Station (Eddy Avenue):
- Stand C: 391, 395 - From Circular Quay (Alfred Street)
- Stand E: 400, 410 - From Bondi Junction, Burwood, Rockdale, Eastgardens
- Bus: 391 392 - From Eastgardens, La Perouse, Little Bay
- Bus: 357 - From Sydenham, Bondi Junction
- Bus: 370 - From Coogee, Newtown, Glebe, Leichhardt
- Bus: 348  - From Wolli Creek, Bondi Junction
- Bus: 302, 303 - From Sans Souci, Eastgardens, City
- Metrobus 10  - From Kingsford, Leichhardt
- Metrobus M50 - From Coogee, Drummoyne. The M50 will no longer stop near the UNSW Kensington campus. Instead it will run along Belmore Road in Randwick (about 9mins walk from Gate 9)

Alternative services to/from City - Circular Quay:
- You can take routes 392, 394, L94, 396, 397 and 399. Routes M10 and M50 operate via City - Park Street.

You will need an Opal card to use public transport in Sydney. Opal cards can be purchased and topped up with money at most newsagents, news kiosks, convenience stores and train stations.

What are some transport options for departing PowerUp at the end of each day?

It’s possible to catch a bus, or order an Uber or Taxi near Gate 9 on High Street. You can check bus timetables and connecting transport by clicking here to use Transport NSW Trip Planner. GetUp will ensure there are staff ready to assist you on the day to make your way safely to your destination.

Food & Drink

What food will be available during the conference?

PowerUp aims to keep ticket prices as low as possible by not including lunch in the ticket price. Instead, a variety of food vendors --- with gluten free and vegetarian options --- will be open on-site at UNSW across the weekend. We’ll update you with more info about this soon. There will also be complimentary fruit and biscuits to keep energy up!

Can I fill up my water bottle at the venue?

Yes! It’s recommended that you bring along your water bottle and fill it up throughout the day. There are quite a few water bubblers around the campus, and you can also fill up your water bottle in the bathrooms. If you need to, it’s also possible to purchase water on the day in the nearby food court.