It's Paul here, GetUp's National Director. I'm reaching out to you and a select group of members about this milestone event.
For too long, self-serving corporations and right-wing power brokers have strangled our democracy, making inequality worse and ravaging our environment. It's time we organised the people-power to break that hold.
This is your invitation to join me at PowerUp: GetUp's first national conference in Sydney on 23-24 September.
At PowerUp you'll join one thousand of GetUp's most active members, converging for a weekend of practical skills workshops, relationship-building and strategy sessions. Together, we'll launch a national network of GetUp Action Groups and make a plan to retake power for everyday people.
There are only twenty tickets available for each electorate. As an active member in your electorate, you're one of the first to receive an invitation to this landmark event.
What: GetUp's first national member conference!
When: 9am-5.30pm Saturday 23 September — Sunday 24 September
Where: University of New South Wales, Sydney
Who: GetUp's most active members from across Australia
Tickets: Buy your ticket now. Only twenty tickets available for each electorate.
Secure your ticket
At the last federal election GetUp members proved that the most powerful political machine isn't money or influence. It's empowered and organised people connecting with voters on the phones, online and in the streets.
Now we're going to go bigger.
We're going to build a national network of GetUp Action Groups that are organised to do more than educate voters at election time. We're going to change the battleground issues that elections are about.
But the first step is getting one thousand of GetUp's most passionate members to PowerUp to workshop the plan. Can I count on you to be there?
Over two packed days, you'll be trained in critical organising skills, connect with other members in engaging, interactive spaces, and learn from some of Australia's most inspiring change-makers.
There's a fair bit of travel involved in attending PowerUp. Depending on where you live it might mean a big drive or flight, two nights away from home and a decent cost. It's no small ask, and not one that GetUp makes lightly.
But this is a pivotal moment in our movement's history. If you're able to make it, then we need you there.
I hope you'll join me,
Paul, for the GetUp Team

P.S. Want to know more about PowerUp? Head to the PowerUp FAQ page for more information. If you can't find the answer you're looking for please email [email protected]