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Join us at GetUp’s first national conference in Sydney on 23-24 September.

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It's time to organise!

PowerUp is no ordinary conference.
You'll be skilled-up over two packed days, connect with people from all over the country, and usher in a new era of people-power in Australia. 

At PowerUp, you will be trained in critical organising skills and build relationships with people from your electorate. Together, we will make a plan to scale up people-power and launch a national network of local Action Groups.  

PowerUp is about organising the power to do more than educate voters at election time. We are building the power to shift polls, move the media, and change the battleground issues that’ll decide the next election.

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Critical Skills

Action Groups

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The Program

PowerUp will focus on practical skill-building, provide interactive, engaging spaces and give you maximum opportunity to connect with other attendees. It’s a unique opportunity appropriate for all levels of experience.
Stay tuned for the full program in June.

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Some of the most impactful community organisers are lining up to speak at PowerUp. These Australian and international change-makers will bring you exclusive insights into the state of the nation and the world, and share their strategies for building the people-power to win.

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A small scholarship fund has been set aside to help with the cost of tickets, accommodation and travel for those without the means.

Can you chip in to the PowerUp Scholarship Fund?